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For example, like taking care of our bodies both mentally and physically, educating ourselves and finding mentors to help us improve our lives. Self-respect also means thinking positively, making the right choices, and caring for our possessions and our personal appearance. When we show self-respect, others learn that they must also treat us with respect.

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Self-esteem is the joy of being who we are. It describes how we see and value ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves — independent of the circumstances that surround us — we show self-esteem.

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  7. We can build our self-esteem by making a choice to see everything in our lives positively. This way, in time, we develop a positive attitude towards life. Honesty is the first step to a rewarding life.


    To be honest is to obey our conscience. It means to have the courage to confront the consequences of our actions no matter what price we may have to pay. It is to take responsibility for our actions and to be accountable. Optional email code. All Rights Reserved.

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    Find A School. About Songahm Taekwondo. Competition Rules. Pro Shop. Developing more than just winning athletes.

    Teaching Life Skills discipline Discipline is to obey what is right. Learn more about Songahm Taekwondo. Find a tournament for you. It is also critical to keep in mind the step I mentioned previously, which is to identify who you are and what you want out of a program BEFORE you start looking for one. Narrow your search to a school that is within three miles of your home.

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    Why three miles? That makes it a good idea for your longevity in the martial arts to pick a location that is conveniently located close to you — after you have determined it is worth it. And I mean the exact, same ad — word for word. And it has been in every type of media possible, including the radio.


    When it came time for my wife and I to purchase our super-deluxe, outrageously expensive California King-size bed, who do you think I called? Those guys. I had their number and picture and tagline indelibly burned in my head! If you have seen an ad for a martial arts school over and over again, in a bunch of different mediums, or if a school has a gigantic ad in the yellow pages and has had for awhile you can figure that they are probably a decent school.

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    A martial arts school is geographically limited; most schools are going to pull from a three to five mile radius. This is the first part — finding out what schools are nearest you and do they look like they might be a good fit. In the next article, I will share with you what to expect when you contact the martial arts school.

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